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How to turn a hardcover book into an iPad case

Oh, the delicious irony of transporting your e-book viewer in the hollowed-out pages of an actual book! Perfect little DIY project for the weekend.

By Apr. 16, 2010


Dan Brown book selling better on Kindle than hardcover?

The Kindle version of "The Lost Symbol" is apparently selling better on Amazon.com than its hardcover version. And to think the publisher almost didn't release it for the e-reader.

By Sep. 16, 2009


'The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia' now a NYT best seller

The title stands atop the "Hardcover Advice & Misc." category on The New York Times' Best Seller list.

By Feb. 11, 2013


Crave giveaway: Comic-Con 2013 swag bag extraordinaire, part 2

Bummed that you missed Comic-Con this year? We're bringing it to you with the second part of this year's giveaway straight from the show floor.

By Aug. 9, 2013


Overstock aggressively challenges Amazon on book prices

Overstock.com announced last Thursday that it would be undercutting Amazon book prices by 10 percent. Not to be outdone, Amazon matches the prices...on some titles.

By Jul. 29, 2013


Amazon: Kindle books outselling all print books

Since April 1, for every 100 print books Amazon.com has sold, the company says it has sold 105 Kindle books.

By May. 19, 2011


'Shakespeare's Star Wars' has the droids for which thou searchest

The mashup as meme as finally reached new heights with this reimagining of "A New Hope" written completely in iambic pentameter.

By Jul. 1, 2013


Judge your iPad by its literary masterpiece book cover

Turn your Kindle Fire into "Slaughterhouse-Five" and your iPad into "Atlas Shrugged" with Out of Print's real hardcover-bound cases.

By Jul. 19, 2012


DIY: Turn a book into a sleek charging phone dock

Grab an old hardcover and DIY it into a stealthy, old-meets-new charging dock.

By Jul. 17, 2012


Kindle and Nook readers bash high e-book pricing with angry one-star reviews

The e-book for Michael Connelly's legal thriller, "The Fifth Witness," is getting hammered by people for being priced at $14.99, with dozens of one-star reviews. How's that affecting sales?

By Apr. 6, 2011