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Today, 22 October, is International Caps Lock Day. You know what to do.

By October 21, 2012


Don't worry, get Happier? This social network aims for the sunny side

The happiness-focused social network hopes to reorient the facets of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that some say most foster loneliness and envy. Can it succeed?

By July 26, 2013


Asus bets on 'Happiness 2.0' to drive growth

Reporting its first-quarter earnings, the company also outlines a plan to be "in search of incredible" with its product designs.

By April 30, 2012


Entrepreneur sees tech startup potential in Arab world

Progress in Technology Middle East seeks to foster Silicon Valley connections for Mideast startups, including one that turns Muslim prayer into an app.

By August 21, 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1352: Never forget ... that you actually own these songs (podcast)

The Internet is profoundly underwhelmed by Apple's announcement that the Beatles catalog will now be available on iTunes. The more germane question, really: where the heck is iOS 4.2? Also, turns out the Kinect (unlike Apple's Beatle announcement) is a runaway hit. Schmidt's not worried about Facebook Messages, and also, the Internet wants to stop the TSA's airport junk-groping. --Molly

By November 16, 2010


Teletext is dead: Happy Christmas, luddites!

Today is Nate's birthday. To celebrate, Teletext is being switched off. A rubbish present if you ask us. But unfortunately it was just too much of a cash drain

By December 15, 2009


FOWA: It's like summer camp for coders

The beloved developer conference rolls into Miami once again, and young coders are gushing over the experience. The fact that it's warm and sunny can't hurt.

By February 24, 2010


TEDGlobal: Connected consequences

One of the main themes at TEDGlobal this year was a lively debate between optimistic and pessimistic voices on the social potential (or doom) of the web. This outlook was somewhat more somber than I expected at a TED conference, perhaps - as some attendee

By July 25, 2009


TechForward: Tech recycling for the upgrade-happy

A start-up bets that environmental concerns and rapid upgrades will convince consumers at purchase to sell back their electronic gadgets in two years.

By August 8, 2008


Innovation comes cheap, says Google engineer Kevin Marks

The software engineer, who works on the OpenSocial and Social Graph API projects, talked to CNET News.com at the Future of Web Apps conference in Miami.

By March 1, 2008