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Smart bike handlebars have turn signals, GPS, speedometer

Helios Bars are sleek handlebar replacements that come with built-in LED lights and smartphone connectivity.

By May 22, 2013


iBike fitness tool puts trainer on your handlebars

For $269, the handlebar-mounted iBike Powerhouse for iPhone and iPod Touch won't let you slack off.

By January 13, 2012


Flickr's handlebar cameras

If you see a purple Yahoo bike on the road, smile for the camera! As part of a new publicity campaign, Flickr has tricked out 20 bikes worldwide with GPS and Wi-Fi-enabled cameras that document the view from the handlebars once every minute. Those photos are then instantly uploaded to a Flickr photo stream. CNET's Kara Tsuboi took a bike out for a spin.

By September 18, 2008


Speaker fashion on the handlebars

Wireless unit looks like a spaceship console.

By September 26, 2007


Do you need a 'black box' camera for your bike?

Rideye is a video camera that goes on your handlebars or helmet. Its continuous footage can be examined after an accident.

By September 24, 2013


Stereo speakers for your handlebars

Bike-mounted music devices are becoming a trend

By November 6, 2006


Out of the ordinary grad gifts

Earning a diploma is hard work. Say "Well done!" with a tech treat. CNET's Sumi Das shares a few fun gift ideas, including a device that turns your tablet into a foosball table and handlebars that can track your bike when stolen.

By May 28, 2014


My Best Tech Gift Ever: Garmin's Edge 500 bike computer

A gizmo that rests under Jay Greene's handlebars helped the CNET reporter hit his 150-mile endurance-biking goal. And for that, he loves the gadget.

By December 5, 2012


Concept T-Bike doubles as tripod

Bicycle designed by Reza Rachmat Sumirat lets users attach any make or model of camera between the bicycle's handlebars.

By January 17, 2012


Bike with no brakes no prob for mini robot

Masahiko Yamaguchi's mini robot can balance itself while riding a bike just by moving the handlebars. Expect wheelies soon.

By November 14, 2011