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correct a bug with left-handed parameter on T5, TX & LD

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Prism Touch Handedness Survey

The Prism Touch Handedness Survey provides clinicians and researchers a convenient way to perform the Edinburgh inventory for assessing handedness...

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Which ear you hold your cell phone to may reveal brain dominance

Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit say that, similar to handedness, most people who hold their cell phones to their left ear are right-hemisphere dominant and vice versa.

By May 17, 2013


The traits of people with computer-like memories

People with so-called super-autobiographical memories appear to share certain traits--left-handedness, for example.

By March 17, 2009


Judge will see SCO's heavy-handedness

While Linus and company have advocated coding over patent research, that has little to do with the Linux response to SCO.

July 1, 2003