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Meteor shower created by Halley's Comet to peak Sunday

NASA will provide live video of the event, as well as a live chat with Bill Cooke, head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office.

By May 5, 2013


Edmond Halley of Halley's Comet fame celebrated

Google's home page features a celebration of Edmond Halley, of Halley's Comet fame.

By November 8, 2011


Look for fireballs in the night sky as Taurid meteor swarm peaks

It's not the apocalypse raining down on us. What you're seeing is a particularly active year for the Taurid meteor shower.

By November 2, 2015


Plane's engine catches fire, passenger films it (naturally)

The engine of a BAe-146 jet flying in Australia starts spouting flames soon after takeoff. Who wouldn't want to get some footage of that?

By April 30, 2014


Orionid meteor shower promises a weekend treat

Looking for something stellar to do this weekend? Wander outside of the city early Sunday morning and observe the Orionid meteor shower.

By October 20, 2012


Get ready to be moonstruck (again) this Saturday

The super perigee moon will be nearly as close as last year's eye-popping spectacle. No calamities predicted.

By May 2, 2012


Mark Twain celebrated by Google

Mark Twain, American author, is celebrated by Google today in a new home page doodle.

By November 30, 2011


This week in chips

AMD turns its attention to gadgets with new energy-efficient Geode chips, while Intel launches new dual-core Pentium D processors for desktop PCs.

By May 27, 2005


Week in review: Revenge of the feds

Feds don't mind if the Force is with you, but they do have a problem if you have a copy of the latest "Star Wars."

By May 27, 2005