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Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw confirms Valve retirement

"My time working on the series is behind me," says the author. His departure raises more questions over a sequel to Half-Life 2, now 11 years old.

By January 7, 2016


E3: 'Half Life 2: The Orange Box' trailer

Latest gameplay trailer of 'Half Life 2:The Orange Box.

By July 11, 2007


Musk, Wozniak and Hawking join petition to ban autonomous weapons (Tomorrow Daily 216)

Many scientists and technology experts agree that artificial intelligence development should not involve military weaponry, as the decision to kill humans may fall exclusively into the hands of robots. It sounds like science fiction, but it's a real concern among the scientific community.

By July 28, 2015


Prominent tech and science experts call for killer robot ban (Tomorrow Daily 216)

Ashley and Khail discuss a petition to ban autonomous weapons, one man's silly idea to load Half-Life 2 on his Android Wear smartwatch and Stanford University's AI program to teach robots to play games. #TDNewAI

By July 28, 2015


Electronic Arts signs up Half-Life 2 publisher

EA to publish Xbox version of Half Life 2 after Valve splits with VU.

By July 19, 2005


More Half-Life 2 coming

PC gamers rejoice -- Half-Life 2 is getting its first expansion.

By April 10, 2005


GTA, 'Half-Life 2' battle for best game

International Game Developers Association announces nominees in fifth annual Choice Awards.

February 28, 2005


Valve bans 'Half Life 2' players

Game developer Valve says it's detected attempts to register illegally obtained copies of its hit PC game "Half Life 2."

By November 23, 2004


Images: Invasion of "Half-Life 2"

Valve Software is experimenting with a model that could substantially transform the video game business.

November 9, 2004