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Half-Life fan film charts rise of the crowbar

The humble crowbar is Gordon Freeman's truest friend in the game Half-Life. One fan filmmaker charts this epic meeting of giants.

By October 10, 2013


Half-Life creator wins BAFTA Fellowship, says thanks to UK

Valve's CEO Gabe Newell will be honoured at the ceremony on 5 March, joining gaming greats Peter Molyneux and Shigeru Miyamoto.

By February 25, 2013


Valve will make its own gaming PC, Half-Life creator says

Valve head Gabe Newell has laid bare his company's plans to release a PC for the lounge next year.

By December 9, 2012


Half-Life recreated: Black Mesa to be released 14 September

File this under one we thought we'd never see: Black Mesa, formerly Black Mesa: Source, the recreation of Half-Life with updated graphics, sound and more, will be out on 14 September. Mostly.

By September 2, 2012



The Xbox's Microsoft-controlled, broadband-only online gaming service is a step ahead of PS2 Online.

November 10, 2002

4 stars Editors' rating November 10, 2002

Half of Brits 'fear life without mobiles', study says

More than 50 per cent of us suffer from "nomophobia", the fear of being without a mobile, according to a study.

By August 26, 2013


Microsoft Surface Pro to get half the battery life of Surface RT

The Intel-based PC tablets coming in January will get just four to five hours of battery due to its Ivy Bridge processor. Is that a deal breaker for consumers?

By November 29, 2012


Gaming preview: Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Originally known as Aftermath, Half-Life 2: Episode 1 is a sequel/expansion pack that picks up where the cinematic first-person shooter left off. It focuses on Alyx Vance, who was merely a supporting character in the previous game. Look for it on the PC i

May 21, 2008


Half-Life 2: Aftermath

Valve Software's Half-Life 2 is still selling like hotcakes, but the company is already readying the inevitable expansion pack. Aftermath picks up where the cinematic first-person shooter left off and, as with the expansion packs to the original game, foc

May 21, 2008


Electronic Arts signs up Half-Life 2 publisher

EA to publish Xbox version of Half Life 2 after Valve splits with VU.

By July 19, 2005