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Swann RC helicopters get good gyrations

RC indoor helicopters have been annoying cats and crashing into expensive home electronics for years, but Swann's new line of radio-controlled choppers uses a souped-up gyro technology for better stability.

By May 2, 2011


Gyration Air Mouse Elite: Free yourself from the tyranny of the mouse mat

The Gyration Air Mouse Elite frees you from the shackles of your desk, letting you control your PC by walking and waving. This mouse is all over the house

By March 2, 2010


Why I mothballed my media center PC

As a longtime advocate of hooking a PC up to a big-screen television, I was more than a little surprised to find myself recently pulling the plug on my media center PC. Here's why it happened.

By May 21, 2010


EIC Squared: Financial gyrations, hacked e-mail, and Web 2.0 aging

On this week's podcast CNET's Dan Farber and ZDNet's Larry Dignan talk about the uncertain financial markets, Sarah Palin's hacked e-mail, and the state of Web 2.0.

By September 19, 2008


Gyration Air Music Remote gives you total control

Gyroscopic device in remote allows you to control the satellite/cable box, home theater, TV, and even some computers.

By September 8, 2008


R.I.P. the computer mouse, 1972-2010

Largely overlooked in the overwhelming iPad hype is its biggest potential achievement. Apple's touch-screen quasi-PC may have finally struck a fatal blow to the long-standing king of input devices, the computer mouse.

By April 7, 2010


Quick Tip: Click the Magic Mouse to connect it.

Apple's new Magic Mouse is an innovative input device, but a few people are having troubles understanding how it behaves and are frustrated by it not automatically connecting.

By January 4, 2010


Domain-finding tool Domize gets power search

Find open domains with some advanced tools using Domize, a search engine for domains that shows you the results as you type.

By March 25, 2009


Logitech takes it to Gyration with its new Air Mouse

New Air Mouse from Logitech

By July 12, 2007


The cure for 'mouse arm': Gyroscopic mice

Do you suffer from hand and arm pain while mousing?

By October 13, 2008