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Google to update Web toolkit?

GWT 1.5 is expected in some form at the Google I/O developer conference, according to eWeek.

By May 27, 2008


Reading between the lines of Red Hat's Google Web Toolkit play

Red Hat's work with GWT says far more about its overarching strategy than a quick reading of the press release would suggest.

By December 12, 2008


New Google Web Toolkit reveals Web-app speed

Web performance monitoring gets a boost with Google Web Toolkit 2.0. Some parts of Google have other ideas about high-performance JavaScript, though.

By December 9, 2009


Google modernizes Web software tool

Just before Google I/O, the search giant announces a significant update to its Google Web Toolkit to build sophisticated Internet applications. Also: App Engine pricing.

By May 27, 2008


Keyboard hack could leave your Mac completely vulnerable

While most of the attention for Apple fans during the recent security conventions in Las Vegas was centered on the SMS vulnerability uncovered last month, another hack surfaced--taking advantage of keyboard flash memory--allowing for the hacker to gain co

By August 3, 2009


Google+ API launches today

Online sharing gets a big shot in the arm from newly released APIs for Google+.

By September 15, 2011


Angry Birds flying to the Web

Rovio's popular mobile game can now be played on a Web browser, with some special levels available only for Chrome users.

By May 11, 2011


Sencha's Web-app tools reach mobile browsers

Web programmers who want to span multiple mobile browsers can with Sencha Touch 1.0, available today for free. It's WebKit-only for now, though.

By November 15, 2010


Google offers JavaScript programming tools

In a new step to make the Web a more powerful foundation for programs, Google is releasing Closure Tools that it says produce faster, better code.

By November 5, 2009