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Solar-charging headphones, an app that silences gunshots, and more (pictures)

At an event in London, the CEA invited companies to show off some of the wackier accessories and gadgets that will be on show at the 2014 CES show in Las Vegas.

7 Images By October 1, 2013


How the Internet of Things knows where gunfire happens

SST's ShotSpotter pinpoints outdoor, urban gunshots for law enforcement agencies. Now it's moving indoors with a service for schools.

By July 27, 2014


High-tech listening lets police crack down on 4th of July gunfire

In many American cities this Fourth of July, ShotSpotter hears and pinpoints each and every bang -- gunshots as well as illegal fireworks.

By July 3, 2013


U.S. troops getting wearable gunshot detectors

A shoulder-mounted unit with four acoustic sensors and a chest display that attaches to body armor can show the direction and distance of sniper fire in a fraction of a second.

By March 21, 2011


Bum-shaking theater seats rock Caribbean moviegoers

These seats vibrate in sync with explosions on the big screen. Feel the explosions in your, er, butt, and gunshots up your spine.

By November 7, 2012


The gunshot heard around the world

The winds of a thousand worlds blew unfelt past vast piles of discarded weapons. But in one place, noise burst into life: "LCPD!Getoutofthevehicle!Ratatatata"

By April 30, 2008


Gaming vest threatens to blow you away

Eight zones simulate the sensations of gunshots and explosions.

By February 22, 2008


Photos: Watched in the Windy City

As part of a new safety program, surveillance cameras in Chicago capture street activity and alert police to gunshots.

December 23, 2004