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Are security guards now manning Google shuttle stops?

According to a Reuters report, there appear to be guards monitoring at least one stop where a private bus picks up Google employees, in response to recent protests.

By Jan. 16, 2014


MaskMe guards your privacy like a vigilant angel

In a world that values data mining over privacy protections, the new MaskMe tool restores your ability to use the Internet without compromising your identity.

By Jul. 22, 2013


Foxconn guards loom over Taiyuan workers, report says

The company's security teams are reportedly wearing riot helmets and holding plastic shields as they march around the facility.

By Sep. 27, 2012


Don't try bribing these robot prison guards

Telepresence robots are being deployed to a South Korean prison to help prevent suicides and violence among inmates.

By Nov. 27, 2011


Get-It guards your fingers

When you've got a hot hard-boiled egg to deal with, your options are to pick it up with your hand and burn a few fingertips, or to try to get it on a spoon and watch it land on the floor.

By Jul. 7, 2008


Avoid oven burns with rack guards

Just about everyone has brushed up against a hot oven rack while cooking. That type of burn has become preventable, though, with Jaz Innovations Oven Rack Guard.

By Jun. 27, 2008


Timbuk2's 3-in-1 bag guards your Netbook

Got a Netbook and looking for a case to fit it? Timbuk2's new offering is a case that doubles as a backpack and shoulder bag.

By Sep. 23, 2009


Arrival of iPhones greeted by 'armed guards'

Security was reportedly tight as the iPhones get ready to make their stateside debut this Friday.

By Jun. 25, 2007


3D-printed parts take flight on RAF jets

BAE Systems uses 3D printing to build protective parts for cockpit radios and take-off shafts.

By Jan. 6, 2014


Return to Jedi Academy in Jeffrey Brown's new 'Star Wars' book

It ain't easy being a Jedi, especially when dealing with lightsaber-wielding bullies. "Jedi Academy: Return of the Padawan" reminds us that school can be just as adventuresome as storming the Death Star.

By Mar. 6, 2014