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Google Glass banned at Guantanamo

After a reporter from the Miami Herald tries to wear her Google Glass around Guantanamo Bay, a sign is erected banning the use.

By August 21, 2013


Guantanamo Wi-Fi shuttered after Anonymous hacking threat

In unity with the prison's inmates, the hacking group pledges to disrupt online activities at Guantanamo -- prompting the U.S. military to shut down the base's Wi-Fi.

By May 20, 2013


Guantanamo legal files mysteriously disappear from PCs

Legal documents by lawyers representing detainees charged with plotting 9/11 vanish, while hundreds of thousands of e-mails also land on the computers of prosecuting attorneys.

By April 11, 2013


WikiLeaks releases secret Guantanamo prison files

Nearly 800 secret dossiers from Gitmo are being released over the next month, allegedly exposing what the U.K. Guardian newspaper calls "lie after lie" about the prison and its detainees.

By April 25, 2011


What Guantanamo Bay prisoners are forced to listen to until they confess

Back from the weekend, Randall's parents get rid of their home phone...so that Randall can't call anymore. Nine Inch Nails is another band trying to release their album free online. Seth MacFarlane is back in business with Fox and might release a new

By March 3, 2008


Alleged NASA hacker to hear fate next month

British man's legal fight continues to avoid extradition to the U.S. to face hacking charges and possible imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay.

By April 12, 2006