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What is GTL from Shell?

GTL, or gas-to-liquids, results in fewer greenhouse gases than conventional diesel. You'll see more of it in 2010.

By April 11, 2008


Biofuels start-up nabs $5 million in funding

LS9 wants to make fake fuel out of synthetic plants to run real cars.

By March 13, 2007


FAQ: Guide to alternative fuels

Here's a handy guide to the major players in the alternative fuel world. Photos: Fuels of the future

By February 1, 2007


Sony brings the high-end living room PC up-to-date

New Sony high-end living room PC.

By January 7, 2007


Sony VGX-XL202: Blu-ray Media Center PC

Sony's first serious attempt at making a home-oriented Blu-ray Media Center PC leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling

By November 2, 2006


Toyota branches out into ethanol

The Prius hybrid is just the start of the Japanese carmaker's efforts to tap into alternative fuels. Photos: Fueling Toyota's future

By October 10, 2006


Shell, Exxon Mobil tout a cleaner fuel for megacities

The Axis powers tried to make gas from coal during World War II. New technology makes the process cleaner and more efficient.

By November 23, 2005


U.K. backpackers heed call of India firms

British companies are hiring backpackers to work in India-based call centers to try to bridge culture gap between agents and customers.

April 28, 2005


Short Take: Globalstar stock split approved

The board of directors of Globalstar Telecommunications (GTL) has approved a 2-for-1 stock split of its common shares, the company's second since its IPO in February 1995. As of April 24, GTL, which is deploying a worldwide, wireless digital telecommunication service, had approximately 43 million common shares outstanding on a fully diluted basis. Pending shareholder approval, the stock split will take the form of a dividend.

April 29, 1998