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Comic-Con 2012

CNET heads to San Diego for Comic-Con, America's pre-eminent entertainment geekfest.


Windows Phone grabs a ride with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Fans of the GTA franchise can buy the game for $7, but it only works with a handful of available Windows Phone devices.

By January 27, 2014


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas plus iOS 7 controller equals the future of iPhone gaming

Will controllers turn iOS devices into true handheld game devices? Rockstar's newest Grand Theft Auto on iOS is the best reason yet to get one.

By December 12, 2013


Three new GTA 5 trailers, with Michael, Franklin and, er, Trevor

The latest trailers for the next instalment of the crime opus are here!

By April 30, 2013


Even superheroes get hangovers, wrinkles

Being a superhero isn't always easy. Crave talks to artist Andreas Englund about his work, which features a superhero dealing with life's everyday trials.

By May 25, 2014


Grand Theft Auto gets trilogised, San Andreas special edition

Rockstar packaging GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas together for Xbox; special PS2 San Andreas comes with two new features.

By September 26, 2005


Australia bans GTA: San Andreas

The "Hot Coffee" controversy has caught up with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Australia, with the game now banned from sale.

By July 31, 2005


Confirmed: Sex minigame in PS2 San Andreas

Cheat unlocks preexisting code in PS2 version of controversy-rocked Grand Theft Auto game, undermining Rockstar Games' claims of hacker mischief.

By July 17, 2005


Apple names Avon's Andrea Jung to board

Jung, CEO of beauty products powerhouse Avon, becomes the eighth member to sit on Apple's board of directors and the only woman.

By January 7, 2008


Play: Games: Doom 3, Far Cry 1.2, GTA:SA

Doom 3 hype reaches epic proportions, Skaife prepares to race online, and the patch that never was.

By July 28, 2004