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Facebook joins GSMA to enhance relations with carriers -- report

The company says it plans to be an "active" participant as a newly minted member of the GSM Association.

By Nov. 11, 2013


HTC smartphones at GSMA

CNET takes a hands-on look at HTC's smartphones, new and old, at GSMA 2009, including the HTC Magic and HTC Touch Pro2.

20 Images By Feb. 18, 2009


Photos: Acer at GSMA 2009

Check out CNET's photo gallery of the Acer press conference where the company ulveiled eight new smartphones.

By Feb. 16, 2009


LG phones at GSMA

CNET takes a hands-on look at some of the hottest LG handset from GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009, including the LG Arena and LG-GM730.

11 Images By Feb. 18, 2009


Moto is almost a no-show at GSMA

Moto's booth at GSMA isn't really worth a visit.

By Feb. 17, 2009


Acer at GSMA 2009 photos

Acer held a press conference at GSMA 2009 to reveal its line of smartphones. Check out photos from the event.

9 Images By Feb. 16, 2009


Samsung phones at GSMA photos

CNET shows you Samsung's GSMA phones in all their glory.

14 Images By Feb. 16, 2009


Sony Ericsson at GSMA photos

Sony Ericsson takes a multimedia focus at the GSMA World Congress by unveiling a Walkman phone and a concept video/camera phone.

12 Images By Feb. 15, 2009


Dialed In 67: GSMA or bust

GSMA Mobile World Congress is just a few days away and already we've received a few sneak peeks at what will be at the show. We discuss those, as well as iPhone rumors, new phones, and this week's reviews. Plus we answer your questions, as always.

By Feb. 11, 2009


Photos: Modu jackets at GSMA

At GSMA World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Modu shows off four new jackets for its modular cell phone. Check them out in our slide show.

7 Images By Feb. 11, 2009