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'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' has a familiar ring

Bilbo bows out as the last of Peter Jackson's Middle-earth movies delivers on the battle, not so much on the hobbit.

By December 2, 2014


Apple vs Microsoft in the Greatest Gadget final: Ultimate grudge match

Old grudges are being dusted off as Microsoft and Apple go head to head in the final of our Greatest Gadget tournament. Which megacorp has the better product? You decide...

By December 9, 2010


Samsung drags iPhone 5 into never-ending legal battle

Samsung will bring the newly-released handset into an ongoing legal squabble with Apple.

By September 23, 2012


A kinder, gentler Apple? Don't bet on it.

A New York Times article depicting the high human costs built into the making of Apple products has provoked a strong reaction from readers and consumers. How will Apple respond?

By January 26, 2012


iFlow Reader developer rages at Apple (Q&A)

CNET speaks with Dennis Morin, BeamItDown Software's co-founder, who has harsh words for Apple as his company feels forced to shut down its iFlow Reader app.

By May 12, 2011


Nvidia-Intel 'grudge match' unwise, analyst warns

CRT Capital Group's Ashok Kumar says Nvidia may be treading on dangerous ground when it taunts Intel, despite having better graphics chips than its rival.

By May 6, 2008


Say sayonara to Silicon Valley's enemy No. 1

Securities lawyer Bill Lerach will start a new career as a jailbird. But if you thought that his sentencing to a couple of years would sate the thirst of critics, think again.

By February 11, 2008


Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: I don't care who wins!

Outside of the protagonists and their immediate families, does anyone really give a darn who comes out on top? CNET News.com's Charles Cooper sure doesn't.

By January 18, 2008


Is your date a player? Send a text and find out

PlayerBlock claims to be the first ever text-based service that lets people investigate the dating habits of others.

By October 22, 2007


Science Fiction writers take on Internet pirates

Glaskowsky analyzes a sudden flareup in the fight to protect intellectual-property rights.

By September 1, 2007