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One-handed grub for gamers

Gamer Grub delivers performance snack food to your energy- and nutrition-starved body in a one-handed snackpod.

By Oct. 7, 2008


iPhone app gleans healthy grub nearby

Service called Mealsearch is designed, among other things, to give people a way to find restaurants and meals that meet their dietary criteria.

By Sep. 8, 2008


How to shoot eye-catching food photos with your phone

Find out how to capture mouth-watering food photos using just your smartphone and a few expert tips.

By Mar. 18, 2014


How to change the boot order of a dual-boot Linux PC

Are you dual-booting Linux and Windows? If you'd prefer to have Windows boot up first, we'll show you how.

By Sep. 28, 2011


Crawl the Web with Wales' open-source search tool

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announces the release of an open-source Web crawling site called Grub.

By Jul. 27, 2007


Reddit noob President Obama's Ask Me Anything best bits

What happened when the 44th President of the United States signed up for Reddit and kicked off an AMA thread?

By Aug. 30, 2012


Join top Silicon Valley investors, hear their fund-raising secrets

We're launching a conference--CNET's Community Series--to start broader discussions around key topics in tech. First up? Raising cash.

By Mar. 21, 2012


New Path 2.0 automatically chronicles, shares your life

Put your timeline on Automatic with Path's new feature to check in your visits to new cities, and to dreamland.

By Nov. 29, 2011


Friday Poll: The next great culinary contraption?

The Noodle Waterslide from Japanese toymaker Bandai shouldn't be alone at the table. What else should be featured in an amusement park for food?

By Apr. 24, 2009