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Steve Ballmer's replacement needs to make this phone call

If Microsoft's outgoing chief executive had listened to Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's incoming CEO would have a much easier go of it.

By November 27, 2013


Catch makes your notebooks social

A strong note-taking app for mobile devices gets interesting features for sharing, although they could make an awkward fit.

By November 9, 2011


Google Wave meets conference calls, with Ribbit

Ribbit's extension for Google's next-gen messaging app shows how the walls between text and voice can fall.

By September 29, 2009


Less is more. The tweet(ed) revolution.

This weekend, in the aftermath of the Iranian election, Twitter's ability to build a mass audience by virally connecting myriad micro-audiences through micro-messages has proven again to have real impact. When the Iranian police started cracking down on p

By June 15, 2009


Socialtext co-founder: Enterprise Twitter isn't enough

The enterprise social software company has new Twitterish functions, but the real deal is coming later.

By September 30, 2008


Software CEOs: The right stuff, the wrong stuff

Joel Spolsky's recollections of Bill Gates' Microsoft include an intriguing insight into what makes for a successful software impresario. But this is only the start of a longer conversation.

By June 25, 2008


Microsoft creating TownSquare, an enterprise social network

Site to blend Facebook-like functions with SharePoint feeds, according to a Computerworld report.

By June 11, 2008


Here's a throwback idea that might offer a way out for Microsoft

Ray Ozzie wants to build bridges between the client-server and services worlds. How ironic if the network computer provides a model for Microsoft's salvation.

By March 27, 2008


Voting is now open for the 2008 Webware 100!

Vote early, vote often... show your favorite Web 2.0 apps some love.

By February 25, 2008


Yahoo now mirrors Lotus then

As Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang considers his next move, he might consider another software merger saga that played out at the dawn of the commercial Internet era.

By February 23, 2008