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Uber driver charged with battery on SF rider

A driver is cited after he allegedly pulled a passenger out of his car and then smashed her phone.

By October 21, 2014


Uber disputes kidnapping claims

A Los Angeles woman claims her Uber driver drove her 20 miles off her route and took her to an abandoned parking lot. Uber says the driver was dealing with an intoxicated passenger.

By October 14, 2014


How risky is your Uber ride? Maybe more than you think

When you agree to Uber's terms and conditions, you basically sign your life away, consumer advocates say. So then, what happens when a driver hits you on the head with a hammer, as one passenger claims?

By October 8, 2014


Four-deal Friday: Watches, Kindles, Motos, and more!

Hope you didn't have other plans for your money this weekend.

By September 5, 2014


Next hook for Nook? Video apps

Barnes & Noble unveils a suite of video apps -- including one that can play movies and shows on rival tablets -- as it turns its back on manufacturing. Can content save the venture?

By August 19, 2013


Internet privacy in an age of surveillance

Reassert your expectation of online privacy by using Internet services that promise to protect your confidentiality.

By July 30, 2013


Two people fired over PyCon 'dongle' joke

After a man made a "dongle" joke at a tech conference, two people lost their jobs: the man who made the joke — and the woman who publicly called him out.

By March 21, 2013


Monitors at CES 2013: More of the same

Don't expect too much in the way of innovations for monitors at CES 2013, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

By December 17, 2012


Nintendo 3DS groped in first-look video

Our American pals at CNET.com have done geeks everywhere a solid and filmed their hands-on time with Nintendo's 3DS portable games console at CES. Feast your peepers.

By January 7, 2011


Ep. 1372: You're just groping air

Today's show is more than a little off the rails, thanks to talk of the Sean Connery "Jeopardy" bot, a giant pancake maze visible from space, moochie friends, and air-groping. But there's news here, too: Facebook adds facial recognition to photo tagging, the Mac App Store is coming, and the dangerous success of the Stuxnet virus. Also, don't drink Donald's beer. --Molly

By December 16, 2010