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Surveillance concerns bring an end to crusading site Groklaw

A legally informed Web site critical of lawsuits from the SCO Group, Apple, Oracle, and patent trolls shuts down because its founder says e-mail can't be protected from government scrutiny.

By August 20, 2013


An interview with Groklaw: the future of news?

"PJ" at Groklaw has brought down SCO. In this interview, we learn a bit more about how.

By November 2, 2007


The patent troll world is ever so interconnected, reports Groklaw

Sigh. These patent trolls are an incestuous lot.

By October 22, 2007


One more clue to Microsoft's dysfunctional open source relationships (Groklaw)

Pamela Jones has dug about to try to figure out just what Microsoft hopes to gain from open source. The answer seems to be, "Much for itself, and not much for open source."

By June 15, 2007


Microsoft on iTunes in 2003: 'We were smoked'

Groklaw uncovers a couple of e-mails from Bill Gates and then-Windows leader Jim Allchin revealing that Microsoft was worried about iTunes when it first launched.

By February 9, 2010


The OSI, Microsoft, and history

Groklaw wants the OSI to bash Microsoft and keep it out of the community. Fine. But it's directly inimical to why the OSI was set up in the first place.

By August 22, 2007


So it looks like Samsung might not have tried to copy the iPhone

Previously redacted documents presented in the Apple-Samsung case seem not to offer actual evidence that Samsung told its designers to copy the iPhone.

By October 7, 2012


Samsung denied new trial over Apple's 'bounce-back' patent

Amid planning for the damages retrial, Judge Koh rules that there will not be another new trial over the '381 patent.

By August 22, 2013


Legal analysts suggest Apple-Samsung verdict may not be safe

Some experts poring over statements of Apple-Samsung jury members and details of their judgment suggest that the verdict could be overturned.

By August 26, 2012