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Missing in green tech: Long attention span

There are all sorts of exciting clean-energy technologies, but policymakers, investors, and inventors need to sustain their work over many years for significant change to take hold.

By March 7, 2011


Behind the wheel of electric cars, no big surprises

CNET's Martin LaMonica has done his homework and roadwork with EVs including the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. The point he wants to drive home is that you'll enjoy the ride of these "real cars."

By November 2, 2010


Swinging for a home run in green tech (Q&A)

Stephan Dolezalek of VantagePoint Venture Partners takes the pulse of the venture-backed clean-tech industry and explains what's at play for companies trying to go public.

By April 20, 2010


Researchers ask how best to engineer the planet

Time to assess different climate engineering approaches--be it injecting light-blocking particles in the atmosphere or artificial trees--say academics at an MIT symposium.

By October 31, 2009


Clean-energy wonks to Washington: Get a clue

Academics at MIT say that when it comes to the energy policy debate, politicians are fickle and aren't being smart about backing new technologies.

By September 25, 2009


Green technologies to watch

The pace of change surrounding technology in clean energy and efficiency hasn't been this fast in years. As Earth Day nears, we take a measure of which areas look most promising.

By April 21, 2009


A Dickensian view of clean-tech financing

There's plenty of enthusiasm for funding the latest green-tech or alternative-fuel company. The problem is the economy stinks, and doesn't look like it will improve anytime soon.

By January 23, 2009


Green news harvest: Stanford backs energy research

Stanford University launches a $100 million research institute, while GM vice chairman Bob Lutz says low gas prices are making GM's push into electrification tougher.

By January 13, 2009


Obama's stimulus plan: The energy debate

The goal is to double U.S. renewable energy in three years, but there's still much to be sorted out about clean-tech incentives from Washington.

By January 9, 2009


Green news harvest: Utility installs solar panels

Southern California Edison hits milestone on its plans to put solar panels on commercial rooftops. Also this week: River power, and GE bails on incandescent bulb.

By December 2, 2008