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What is clean tech?

Cleantech, also referred to as clean technology, and often used interchangeably with the term greentech, has emerged as an umbrella term encompassing the investment asset class, technology, and business sectors which include clean energy, environmental, a

By August 10, 2008


Green news harvest: Clean tech eyes Wall Street

Obama and McCain talk energy at Clinton Global Initiative, Vinod Khosla addresses Wall Street turmoil, clean-tech types needs to embrace policy wonks, and more.

By September 26, 2008


Photos: Washington renewable energy conference in pictures

The first Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC) finished up on Thursday. View a guided tour of the clean technologies on display.

By March 7, 2008


Green news harvest: Utility installs solar panels

Southern California Edison hits milestone on its plans to put solar panels on commercial rooftops. Also this week: River power, and GE bails on incandescent bulb.

By December 2, 2008


Missing in green tech: Long attention span

There are all sorts of exciting clean-energy technologies, but policymakers, investors, and inventors need to sustain their work over many years for significant change to take hold.

By March 7, 2011


Green news harvest: Toyota handicaps alt fuels, Pickens Plan skeptics

Enhanced geothermal firm AltaRock digs ahead; a cheaper approach to concentrating photovoltaics; and details on Tesla's planned plug-in hybrid sedan.

By September 3, 2008


Smart-grid group gains Google

The tech giant joins industry group that promotes products for home energy-monitoring and making the power grid more efficient during peak times with software.

By November 13, 2008


Green news harvest: Algae progress, corn ethanol woes

Algae demonstration plant in Colorado, Pacific Ethanol's quarterly loss, a peek at a quiet clean-tech energy investor, using biomass from Hurricane Ike instead of coal, Fisker expands in Michigan, and the ethanol "blend wall."

By November 11, 2008


Green news harvest: Ethanol shake-out looms

Corn ethanol firms talk merger, clean-tech researcher predicts a shift to quality in investments, and Calgary researchers develop a CO2 "air scrubber."

By November 26, 2008


Green news harvest: Handicapping the auto bailout

Plus: carbon regulations, a hybrid battery for cars, Mitt Romney's case for auto bankruptcy, CEO lobby for carbon regulations, and Obama calls for quick action.

By November 19, 2008