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California city to get green prefab housing

The city of Stockton is about to get homes made by Zeta Communities that promise better indoor air quality and up to $2,000 in annual energy savings.

By June 16, 2011


Boston housing project gets deep green retrofit (photos)

The low-income Castle Square Apartments are undergoing a very large energy efficiency retrofit by using a range of relatively inexpensive techniques.

8 Images By May 23, 2011


Building a green empire, one Tiny House at a time

Road Trip at Home: Jay Shafer started living in a 75-square-foot home in 1997. Now he makes his living selling Tiny Houses--small, green, dwellings that emphasize organization and efficiency.

By November 10, 2010


Touring the ultimate 'green' house

At 8,000 feet, near Aspen, Colo., a nonprofit called the Rocky Mountain Institute is demonstrating just how efficient residential living can be.

By June 23, 2009


White House guests reflect green-tech commitment

The companies invited to the White House on Monday reflect President Obama's belief that the economy will benefit from investments in green technology.

By March 23, 2009


House panel approves green-tech portions of 'stimulus' bill

Republicans and Democrats were at odds Thursday in the House Energy and Commerce Committee over which energy technologies should receive additional loan guarantees.

By January 22, 2009


Tree house living, the next green thing?

Architectural company working on tree house design for future living.

By May 31, 2007


A zero-energy micro-home for off-grid living

A non-profit green technology company in Romania has unveiled a prefabricated house that has the capacity to be powered entirely by sustainable energies.

By May 6, 2013


'Super lens' for phone photographers?

Green-House claims 8x magnification.

By April 2, 2008


This green home will heat itself

A designer takes on a mighty green building challenge: convert an 1850 Boston home into a superinsulated house as energy efficient as the lofty Passive House standard.

By July 24, 2009