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Just in time for Halloween: High-tech graveyards

Only the Japanese could combine a cemetery and a jukebox and make it OK.

By Oct. 14, 2009


Temple Run Oz

Anyone who likes endless runners or who has enjoyed Temple Run games in the past should check out this game for the new worlds, obstacles, and mini-games.

By Mar. 6, 2013

4 stars Editor's rating Mar. 6, 2013

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Japanese turning to robotic crypts, virtual grave visits

Some are finding their final resting place in mechanized crypts, while one Buddhist temple has virtual memorials for sale.

By Apr. 10, 2013


Deadly exploit briefly massacres World of Warcraft

Something goes terribly wrong in the most popular massively multiplayer role-playing game in the world as players fall waste to a megabug.

By Oct. 8, 2012


When will MMOs captivate console owners?

MMOs have long been successful on the PC. But in recent years, they have fallen flat on the console. At least one developer believes that will change going forward.

By Mar. 1, 2010


On the road with the Verizon iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S on Verizon proved to be a capable companion when traveling in California. But is it good enough to sacrifice simultaneous voice and data?

By Nov. 5, 2011


The best online videos of 2011

A gob-smacking 1 trillion videos were watched on YouTube in 2011, from Rebecca Black to Benton/Fenton. Here's some of our favourites.

By Dec. 22, 2011


Apple's last Macworld beginning of new era

A Jobs-less Macworld might take some of the fire away from this week's event, but it could be a sign that Apple wants to shift the leadership burden across more of its team.

By Jan. 5, 2009