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Open Graph boosts traffic to Facebook Timeline apps

Virtual pinboard Pinterest, for example, has seen its daily user base grow by more than 60 percent since integrating Open Graph less than a month ago.

By February 15, 2012


Facebook intros 60 new Open Graph partners, opens to all

Facebook's got 60 new Open Graph-powered apps for users to install and use, with the promise of approving new Open Graph apps from developers.

By January 18, 2012


Facebook planning to launch Open Graph actions tomorrow?

All Things Digital says that at the company's scheduled press event tomorrow, it will unveil the first group of applications launching via Open Graph.

By January 17, 2012


Google adds graphing calculator to search

New tool renders an interactive graph when mathematical functions are entered in Web giant's search bar.

By December 5, 2011


Facebook unveils new version of Open Graph

With Ticker, Facebook users will be able to experience "frictionless experiences," "real-time serendipity," and the ability to find new patterns and activity, says CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

By September 22, 2011


Does the social graph really need rebuilding?

The success of Google+ will come down to whether people really want to segment their social and business connections, Morgenthaler Ventures associate Itamar Novick argues.

By July 6, 2011


SceneTap app monitors bars and clubs, graphs likelihood of pulling

We're going out -- but where shall we go? SceneTap is a new app that uses cameras in pubs and clubs to check out a venue right down to the number of boys and girls in the place.

By June 14, 2011


iWork apps receive a couple of new feature enhancements

All three of the iOS iWork apps were updated yesterday, adding a few new features to each part of the productivity suite.

By March 8, 2012


Change the router experience, rule the world

Networking is now the heart of the home. But why is it still such an awful experience?

By March 4, 2012


Justin Bieber sued by Joustin' Beaver app maker

Yes, the headline is the right way around. The folks behind an game that has a similar-sounding name to the greatest living Canadian's, take him to court in order to be free to continue selling the app.

By February 28, 2012