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Motorola Brute i686 - graphite (Sprint Nextel)

The Motorola Brute i686 can take a longer dunk in water, but is otherwise identical to the Brute i680. It's not the prettiest phone on the block, but it's incredibly durable with great call quality to boot.

By February 24, 2011

3.5 stars Editors' rating February 24, 2011

MSRP: $269.99


iPhone 5S new graphite colour revealed in leak video

The iPhone 5S has popped up again today, with a hands-on comparison of the iPhone 5 and Apple's new blower, assembled from leaked bits and bobs.

By September 9, 2013


Purported iPhone 5S pictures point to graphite shade

The company is reportedly going to launch a gray iPhone 5S to complement the black, white, and rumored champagne model, according to a report.

By August 26, 2013


Bill Gates pitches in for online education resource Graphite

The Microsoft chairman and longtime donor to educational causes partners with Common Sense Media to launch a Web site that offers free apps, games, and curricula to teachers.

By August 20, 2013


Bose Companion 2 Series II (graphite)

Bose's entry-level Companion 2 Series II speakers offer good bass and dual inputs--but they're not the best-sounding PC speakers in their price class.

By June 20, 2008

3 stars Editors' rating June 20, 2008

Amazon Kindle 3G UK: New 6-inch graphite model rocks Wi-Fi, low price

Two new Kindles from Amazon are the first you can buy from the UK store with Her Majesty's British pounds -- and they're smashing value

5 Images By July 29, 2010


Scribbling with Sharpie's Liquid Pencil

CNET's Ina Fried offers a hands-on look at an innovation that blurs the once immutable boundary between pen and pencil. The $2 scribe accessory uses liquid graphite to write like a pen, yet still erase as a pencil.

By August 19, 2010


Amazon updates Kindle DX, drops price

The Kindle DX gets a graphite finish, a higher-contrast screen, and a price trim to $379 from $489. Will that help it survive in a post-iPad world?

By July 1, 2010


AirPort Admin Utility for Graphite and Snow 4.2.5 adds Leopard support

AirPort Admin Utility for Graphite and Snow 4.2.5 adds Leopard support

By April 3, 2008


O2 Xda Graphite: This phone means business

Yesterday O2 announced the O2 Xda Graphite -- a new smart phone that runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone edition and features 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity

By March 9, 2007