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Samsung Delivers a More Graphical Interface with the Galaxy Tab Pro

Eric Franklin of CNET runs through the new features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro at CES 2014.

By Jan. 6, 2014


Asus PA246Q review: Now with more graphical grid overlays

The Asus PA246Q does graphical grid overlays and so much more.

By Jun. 24, 2011


Chrome for Mac tries graphical tab management

Like Mozilla's Panorama, Chrome "Tabpose" combines tab management with Apple's Expose idea in Chrome for Mac. Also on the way: hardware acceleration and Chrome labs features.

By Aug. 27, 2010


Yahoo plugs its AMP plans for graphical ads

The forthcoming online advertising system promises much to those looking for a simpler, more lucrative method, including its first users, Yahoo's newspaper partners.

By Apr. 6, 2008


AnySIM (free graphical unlock) for 1.1.1 iPhones released; instructions for installing

AnySIM (free graphical unlock) for 1.1.1 iPhones released; instructions for installing

By Oct. 16, 2007


Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition -- so much prettier on PS4

The game, starring Lara Croft, was able to deliver far more detail on the PlayStation 4, compared to the PlayStation 3.

By Jan. 14, 2014


Nvidia: Consoles to have better graphics than PCs? Pssh

The company's senior vice president of content and technology says that the best graphics are, and will continue to be, on PCs.

By Sep. 25, 2013


Apple aims to clobber Web page spoofers

Could the technology envisioned in a newly-published patent application by Apple take a bite out of malicious Web sites?

By Dec. 12, 2013


Google breaks old promise by working on search banner ads

Google is testing banner ads in search results, apparently reneging on a 2005 promise by Marissa Mayer to never run them.

By Oct. 23, 2013