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Friday Poll: How do you like Apple Pay so far?

Apple Pay has arrived and Touch ID-device owners have had a shot at trying it out. Let us know if you're loving it, hating it or feeling totally indifferent.

By October 23, 2014


Granola PC energy miser plugs in at CES 2012

Working in the background, Granola software dials down power usage of CPU and other components by about 30 percent without knocking down performance.

By December 16, 2011


Google offers up secret sauce on new voice search

A research paper explains just how Google is able to give users speedy, accurate query returns with its new voice search tech -- it boils down to huge amounts of data.

By October 31, 2012


Mothers' Day cars: Beyond the soccer mom

Bored with the stereotype of moms hauling their children to soccer practice in minivans, we look at what other stereotypical moms would drive.

By May 10, 2012


CES setting up its own startup alley

With "Eureka Park," the giant consumer-electronics show is aiming to capture a bit of the heat being generated by startups these days. For the first time in 10 years, it has an area dedicated to startups, and a number of those companies are focusing on digital imaging.

By December 20, 2011


ShopWell gives food buyers new tools for healthy eating

Silicon Valley start-up develops an algorithm that helps buyers match foods to their own individual health needs and eating preferences. And it doesn't let food manufacturers influence the "sacred" algorithm.

By August 25, 2011


Larry Page, here's your six-month plan

The Google co-founder is back on the job as chief executive today. So here's what he should be thinking about.

By April 4, 2011


Time to hit reload on Web 2.0 Expo?

As interest in the start-up world has grown and the attendance at many annual conferences has swelled, this one has stayed static. But here's why that might be a good thing--if the conference organizers know how to handle it.

By April 1, 2011


Borderlands: Like Fallout 3, but backwards

I played the entire game with a friend, and by doing so, fetch quest after fetch quest became a month of uninhibited blood-splattered co-operative mayhem

By December 15, 2009


The eight greatest non-human Twitter users

We've rounded up eight of our favourite bizarre, non-human Twitter users, in order of how insightful they are. All of them are astoundingly more interesting than Britney Spears

By February 11, 2009