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Google may be planning Siri rival for later this year

The search giant is said to be working on a voice-enabled task software known simply as "Assistant" that might launch by year's end.

By March 5, 2012


Apple's iTunes Match to boost audio streaming quality

Rumours suggest iTunes Match will offer 'adaptive streaming', which plays the best available music quality for your connection speed.

By March 1, 2012


Tech firms agree to privacy protections for mobile apps

In an effort led by California's attorney general, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others have agreed to require developers to inform users about data usage policies before they download apps.

By February 22, 2012


Privacy invasion: There's an app for that

week in review Following Path flap, Apple resets guidelines on how iOS apps collect user data. Plus: digging into the spectrum "crisis."

By February 17, 2012


Motorola Droid 4 hands-on: Awesome keyboard, blistering 4G LTE

The replacement original Motorola Droid owners have been waiting for has arrived, bearing the gifts of dual-core power, an excellent keyboard, and Verizon's blazing 4G LTE data.

By February 8, 2012


Far side of the Moon captured on video, sadly no aliens

NASA has captured footage of the far side of the Moon -- check it out here.

By February 2, 2012


NASA spacecraft releases first video of moon's far side

Equipped with a video camera, one of NASA's twin lunar spacecrafts reveals a rare glimpse of the far side of the moon.

By February 1, 2012


Google ratchets up VP8 video quality--but so do video rivals

The "Duclair" release brings Google's royalty-free video encoder software to version 1.0.0. But a sequel to rival H.264 is waiting in the wings, too.

By January 30, 2012


IBM: Lithium air battery prototype in 2013, production in 2020

Researchers are working on a lithium air battery that will make electric vehicles as practical as gas-powered cars.

By January 13, 2012


Cheap zinc air battery promises beefier power grid

Startup Eos Energy Storage promises its big batteries will be cheap enough to put in city centers to clear up bottlenecks on the grid and extend the range of EVs. But can they last 30 years?

By January 14, 2012