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Gracenote creates one music interface to rule them all

Gracenote announced a new feature for its automotive platform that will let automakers set a common interface for music coming from any audio source.

By November 13, 2014


Dynamic EQ automatically adjusts bass and treble for optimal audio

Gracenote announced a new digital signal processing product for cars, Dynamic EQ, which recognizes individual songs and automatically applies equalizer settings.

By January 3, 2016


Sony drops music streaming service Gracenote

The electronics company sells off all its shares of the music-matching and streaming service to the Tribune Co.

By December 23, 2013


Xbox Music taps into Gracenote to tag your tunes

Sony's music-matching service lends a hand to Microsoft to label your Xbox Music albums and stream them across different devices.

By December 5, 2013


Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz rolled out this concept at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show: the Concept S-Class Coupe. CNET's Wayne Cunningham gives us a first look and shows you how the company is using Gracenote to set the music you have in the car to reflect certain types of moods.

By September 12, 2013


Shazam for your TV: Hands-on with Gracenote

CNET takes a hands-on look at the Gracenote service found on select Sony 2011 TVs, which can identify music in much the same way as the Shazam app.

By March 9, 2011


Gracenote TrackID on Sony TVs (photos)

A look at the Gracenote TrackID service on Sony TVs.

10 Images By March 9, 2011


Gracenote hints at CES announcements

Gracenote Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Ty Roberts hints at the company's upcoming CES announcements, including enhanced music-streaming capabilities for the TV.

By December 6, 2010


Gracenote enhances music search for Mitsubishi

Gracenote shows off automotive technologies at CES.

By January 8, 2010


Gracenote puts a star in your car

CNET Car Tech takes a look at Gracenote's CarStars music system, shown at 2009 CES.

By January 8, 2009