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Make interactive maps to track your trip

Maps aren't just for navigation. Here's how you can keep track of your trip and share the journey with friends by making interactive maps.

By August 18, 2014


GPS apps that let you know where you've been

We round up a handful of GPS logger apps that record your position and path for fitness and fun.

By November 5, 2012


Adobe's Lightroom 4 catches up to video revolution

Want a sepia-tone video? The "Sprockets" beta can do it. Also in LR4 are editing refinements and support for geotagging, book printing, and soft proofing.

By January 9, 2012


How to geotag your photos and plot them on a Flickr map

We show you how, with the help of free software, you can have all the benefits of GPS on an older, non-GPS camera.

By October 14, 2011


Indecent Exposure 58: Indigo extremes (podcast)

Slices of life at 1/30 second, listeners get the blues, and Lori can't keep a good rant down (or any, for that matter). Plus, news and stuff.

By August 10, 2009


Jailbroken iPhone Users Get Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation

Every so often there is an app in the jailbroken market that reminds us about the limitations of the App Store. xGPS is one of those apps.

By February 12, 2009


My Tracks turns Android phone into GPS device

Google releases software that lets T-Mobile's G1 mobile phone use its GPS system to record where you've been and share the resulting maps online.

By February 12, 2009


Live Maps gets a major upgrade

Latest version of Microsoft's online mapping service, Live Maps, includes exporting to GPS devices, improved 3D imagery, and MapCruncher integration.

By April 10, 2008


Wayfinder Active is a way cool GPS app

Hard-core mountaineers, geocaching warriors, and neighborhood joggers can all benefit from this free GPS software for tracking routes and activity stats.

By April 4, 2008


Geotagging to Flickr

Manually tagging things is a pain and, if one doesn't have obvious geographical features in the photo, it may be hard to locate them exactly on a map. So--how about marrying GPS data to the photos? It's a sound idea, it's doable, but it requires a slightl

By October 19, 2007