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Almost the Google PC: Everex gPC available at Wal-Mart

Finally, a real-world Web PC, for just $198.

By October 31, 2007


Short Take: Motorola named in patent suit

Motorola has been named in a patent infringement suit brought by General Patent (GPC), an R&D and technology transfer company. The suit seeks to enforce four of GPC's patents, which cover specific aspects of the PCMCIA credit-card-size modems used in notebook and laptop PCs. GPC also has filed patent infringement suits against IBM, U.S. Robotics (now 3Com), and seven modem manufacturers. IBM and two other companies settled, while others have agreed to license GPC's patents.

January 28, 1998


Short Take: IBM, USR sued

General Patent Corporation International sued IBM and U.S. Robotics for patent infringement. GPC claims four of its patents were infringed: "Connector Interface," "Multiple Connector Interface," "Programmable Connector," and "Integrated Connector and Modem." GPC also has notified other companies of possible patent infringement suits.

By March 7, 1997