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App claims to know your GPA just by looking at your phone

Technically Incorrect: SmartGPA is a mobile app that uses your smartphone data to keep tabs on how hard you party, as opposed to study.

By May 26, 2015


Calculate your GPA with GPA calculators

Give your brain a rest after a long semester of classes. Instead of manually trying to figure out your GPA, use GPA calculators.

By December 13, 2011


Intel's 'GPA' points to Larrabee

Behind the release this week of Intel graphics software looms Larrabee, Intel's future graphics chip.

By March 24, 2009


Facebook messes up your GPA

Researchers from Ohio State University find that those who enjoy Facebooking do less well in exams. Those who are on Facebook every day may do as much as one grade worse than those who don't.

By April 12, 2009