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Adobe cuts prices in Australia following price-gouging probe

The company has slashed the cost of its Creative Cloud subscription in Australia to match the price charged in the United States.

By Feb. 12, 2013


Australian price gouging: is it what we think it is?

The Australia tax. We imagine it as some vast, groaning behemoth, barely able to move under the weight of its own corpulent avarice.

12 Images By Jul. 2, 2012


Beware Chevy Volt price gouging

Reports surface of dealers planning to charge large premiums in addition to GM's $41,000 price tag.

By Aug. 5, 2010


AT&T Wireless is gouging customers on international roaming charges

AT&T Wireless is gouging customers. Why do we have to accept this?

By Jul. 1, 2008


Microsoft gouging Brazilians for 20 percent of income

Microsoft pillages developing economies like Brazil with punitive pricing that stifles economic development. Is there any wonder that anti-Microsoft feeling is rife in Brazil?

By May. 3, 2008


Apple, Adobe, Microsoft try to justify higher prices in Australia

Appearing before an Australian committee, executives from the three companies struggle to explain why Australian consumers are socked with higher prices for digital content.

By Mar. 22, 2013