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Boston judge limits access to Aaron Swartz court records

But he does permit limited release of documents related to Aaron Swartz's prosecution -- with names and other identifying details deleted.

By May 13, 2013


Hollywood studios latest to sue LimeWire

Everywhere he turns, LimeWire founder Mark Gorton seems to be facing a new lawsuit from some new group of copyright owners.

By February 6, 2012


Lime Wire's day of reckoning is here

A jury will decide how much money Lime Wire and founder Mark Gorton should pay for "willfully" infringing songs from record labels. For some hardliners in the music industry, the Lime Wire case is about retribution.

By May 3, 2011


Lime Wire settles with RIAA for $105 million

Entrepreneur Mark Gorton, creator of the LimeWire file-sharing system, agrees to pay $105 million to settle copyright case.

By May 12, 2011


RIAA: Lime Wire hid cash to avoid paying damages

Founder of file-sharing software maker Lime Wire transferred company's funds into a trust controlled by his family. Big music labels say the money belongs to them.

By July 12, 2010


RIAA, Lime Wire close to settling copyright suit

Lime Wire, the file-sharing service found liable for copyright infringement last year, could pay a significant sum to the four largest record companies to compensate them for their losses.

By May 12, 2011


Lime Wire: Labels hurt by mismanagement, not piracy

Lime Wire lawyers showed jury that Warner Music honchos, including CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr., paid themselves millions while laying off hundreds and claiming music piracy was to blame for financial woes.

By May 11, 2011


Lime Wire founder on copyright law: 'I was wrong'

Mark Gorton, founder of file-sharing service LimeWire, acknowledges in court that he knew of mass copyright infringement going on with users and that he refused to stop it.

By May 9, 2011


Lime Wire strikes back in court against RIAA

Facing a possible $1 billion judgment, Lime Wire lawyers tell a jury that the file-sharing service didn't play a large role in 50 percent drop in record labels' revenue. They blamed CD ripping, a poor economy and the labels' own inaction.

By May 4, 2011


If LimeWire builds legal site, will labels come?

Lime Wire says it is building legal site, but top record companies have asked for this numerous times over past 18 months. Now, it's likely too late.

By June 16, 2010