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Tank Girl crashes Kickstarter for brand new book

Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin have taken to Kickstarter for a brand-new, 100-page Tank Girl hardcover also featuring the work of six other brilliant indie artists.

By March 31, 2014


Gorillaz iPad-produced album drops Christmas Day for free

As expected after a report in music magazine NME back in November, Gorillaz front man and songwriter Damon Albarn has produced the latest Gorillaz album on an iPad and will release it Christmas Day for free.

By December 10, 2010


Feel Good iPad as Damon Albarn creates new Gorillaz album on tablet

Damon Albarn is so in love with his iPad he's made the next Gorillaz record on the Apple tablet. Take a listen to the new single and see if you can hear the fruit flavours.

By November 16, 2010


New Gorillaz album to be produced on an iPad

Mega-famous Gorillaz front man and songwriter Damon Albarn reveals that he has been recording the next Gorillaz album on his iPad.

By November 15, 2010


The 404 1,041: Where we unbox this box (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: Steve Jobs in a Willy Wonka costume, Nintendo posts dismal 2011 fiscal results, shaking our heads at NBA Baller Beats, and a band is releasing their new album in an NES cartridge!

By April 26, 2012


Things James Franco can teach me about the viral Web

One reporter's shot at creating a Net meme on behalf of a publication she doesn't even write for--and her advice for said pub in the future.

By February 10, 2011


Hologram staff to get flyers through security

At the U.K.'s Manchester airport, hologrammed versions of airport staff will attempt to help passengers have the correct amount of liquid in their carry-ons.

By January 31, 2011


Hands-on with Ford's Sync AppLink and Pandora

Ford updates its Sync voice command system with the AppLink interface software for smartphones, and CNET's Antuan Goodwin goes hands on with Pandora, the first AppLink-enabled app.

By December 28, 2010


iPad 2 design rumored to bring ergonomic tweaks

The next-gen iPad is rumored to be getting design changes that bring a flat back and a bigger speaker in a different place. Both could change how users hold and work with the device.

By December 23, 2010


Friday Poll: What do you use your tablet for?

As tablets are new, they still have some evolving to do before we know what they're actually good for. What's your tablet's main purpose so far?

By November 19, 2010