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CarLashes add a little personality, lots of goofiness

That's right, someone has invented fake eyelashes...for your car!

By August 27, 2010


2010 Mazda3 hatchback joins goofy-grinning sedan

Mazda will showcase the all-new Mazda3 5-door hatchback at the Bologna Motor Show on December 3, 2008.

By November 25, 2008


3D video without the goofy glasses

The trick lies in an optical filter-coated panel and specially encoded 3D videos, derived from eight independent points of view.

By June 18, 2008


Waves.tv lets you make goofy faces while meeting people

Take pictures of yourself. Browse other people's pictures and get in touch with them.

By February 28, 2008


Wireless buds could look a little Goofy

But we still like the idea

By December 22, 2006


Google hasn't gone all goofy after all

Google has a plan, says its VP of Search Products & User Experience.

By November 11, 2006


Classic arcade watch puts a game cabinet on your wrist

ThinkGeek's classic arcade watch sets a new high score for goofy wristwatches by taking its design cues from old-school gaming cabinets.

By February 18, 2014


Google does goofy desktop distro

Google does goofy desktop distro

By January 31, 2006


The .GIFYs recognize incredible time-wasting GIFs

The first-ever awards for animated GIFs are live and accepting votes on the most memorable GIFs featuring cats, celebrities, cats, sports stars, cats, goofy dancing, and cats, just for starters.

By January 24, 2014