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Goodmans creates the anti-boombox

It's an attractive alternative for an iPod dock.

By Apr. 23, 2008


Goodmans GHD8015F: Affordable recordable

We love our personal video recorders, but until now they've cost you a least a long 'un. Step forward Goodmans GHD8015F -- the first twin-tuner PVR to break the £100 price barrier

By Oct. 27, 2006


This could be the last hi-fi speaker you'll buy

Small British monitor speakers were all the rage with American audiophiles back in the 1970s, and when you hear the current Harbeth P3ESR, you'll know why.

By Sep. 19, 2012


freesat update: Meet some of the launch hardware

As the freesat launch gets closer we're starting to get a sniff of some of the hardware we'll be able to buy -- all we need now is for the BBC and ITV to name a date

By Apr. 25, 2008


Say, say, Sagem: DTR94250S and DTR94500S freesat PVR

Sagem and Goodmans have both announced new freesat PVRs to drop later this year, hopefully taking advantage of BBC iPlayer's rumoured arrival on the format

By Jul. 31, 2009


iLuv does HD radio, with or without the iPod

Two new stereo alarm clocks are released, one with a dock and one without.

By May. 1, 2008


Freeview HD set-top boxes: HD for free

High-definition TV over Freeview is rapidly rolling out across the UK -- all you need is a new set-top box. We round up all your options in this comprehensive guide

By Apr. 14, 2010


Grundig is back!

The great-grandfather of tech is back in the UK, and it's equipped with a fancy new range of HDTVs and DVD recorders

By Jun. 16, 2006


Sony's 'budget' pink LCD TV

If your children are called Tarquin and Tamara and you live in a house with more than two floors, this is the sort of TV you'll be interested in giving this Christmas.

By Nov. 26, 2007


Sony Bravia KDL-20S3070U: At last, a pink LCD TV

Christmas is rushing towards is like an out-of-control juggernaut so it's time for the Christmas gift ideas to start flooding in. Sony gets to go first, because it's designed a pink TV

By Nov. 26, 2007