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Virtual golf takes over cubicle life

We're used to deskbound people dissolving a little tension with an online game or two. But golf? Really?

By January 18, 2008


Golf Channel to add high-tech tracking

Radar technology of Denmark-based company Interactive Sports Games, or ISG, to provide 3D data on players and golf ball movement to viewers.

By December 27, 2007


Golf watch is a caddy on your wrist

Your friends will never be the wiser.

By October 23, 2007


Politically incorrect 'auditions' for VW Golf

Volkswagen Sweden posts unusual series of online videos to promote Golf model.

By October 15, 2007


SG5 Sky Golf GPS

GPS has made its way into many sports such as cycling,running and golf. One of the leaders in the golf market is launching their latest product the SG5.

By October 1, 2007


Pro Session Golf Software for your Nokia phone

Use your Nokia Nseries phone to film and analyze your golf swing.

By September 23, 2007


The Cadillac of golf carts, literally

For a mere $13,995.

By September 18, 2007


Synthetic turf golf course

Is the golf world ready for turf?

By August 19, 2007


iPhone keeps your golf score

On the green with your iPhone? Hate pencils? This score-keeping tool might be just what you need.

By August 19, 2007


Golfing guilt-free on a sunny afternoon

Sunray Solar Roof Kit can make most electric golf carts work from sun power.

By July 12, 2007