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Goldring GR1.2

If you want to see why audiophiles are still in love with LPs, take a Goldring GR1.2 out for a spin.

By February 15, 2006

3.5 stars Editors' rating February 15, 2006

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Peter Frampton tosses fan's phone away during concert

Fed up with a fan flouting a no-recording request, the aging rocker decides to take matters into his own hands and out of them.

By August 8, 2014


Kickstarter science: beware the marketing hype

Yet another alleged "miracle" product has hit Kickstarter, but we're still some time away from a handheld food-analysing spectrometer.

By April 30, 2014


Replacing a turntable stylus can work magic

An upgrade to my turntable stylus rendered previously unplayable records miraculously well again.

By May 14, 2009


It's adapt or die for record industry, execs say

Speakers at Billboard-sponsored conference associated with CES all seem to agree on one thing: music industry must evolve along with consumers.

By January 9, 2008


Bringing vision to the nearly blind

MIT fellow Elizabeth Goldring works with scientists and produces art to help the nearly blind see more than light and shadows. Images: Visuals for the nearly blind

By June 5, 2006


Chart: 2005 travel paid by companies

Find out how much tech companies are spending on travel for Congress members, aides and families to shindigs, conferences.

March 17, 2006


Sony's digital path leads to record stores

The entertainment giant hopes to advance digital music without leaving brick-and-mortar retailers in the dust. And Virgin Megastores will be the first to sign up.

June 9, 1999