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PAX day 1: Torchlight II, Goldeneye 007, Tron

All that, plus a photo of an ewok in the "Back to the Future" DeLorean. No, really, it's that awesome.

By September 4, 2010


Harsh words from GoldenEye 64 designer

The designer of the original GoldenEye game is concerned that Activision won't do the franchise justice in its upcoming remake. And he wants the world to know it.

By September 3, 2010


Wii's GoldenEye controller goes gold

Activision will sell a special bundle for the Wii remake of GoldenEye that includes a gold-colored Classic Controller Pro for $69.99.

By August 11, 2010


GoldenEye 007 coming to the Wii in 2010?

Rumors based on a recent item seen in a game animator's resume are swirling that GoldenEye 007 is on its way to the Nintendo Wii. Is this the long-awaited smoking gun?

By October 27, 2009


Blake's 7 to be revived by Microsoft for Xbox One

Microsoft is reported to be backing a remake of classic BBC sci-fi show Blake's 7 for owners of the Xbox One games console.

By August 15, 2013


The 404 Special Feature: Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant (podcast)

Two of the stars from shows such as "Reno 911!" and "The State" sit down with Jeff Bakalar to talk about their new film, "Hell Baby."

By August 29, 2013


SharpShot: Be the man with the golden Wii gun

If you've ever been tempted to follow in the footsteps of James Bond nemesis Scaramanga and tote one of the most coveted Bond weapons of all time, now you can (sort of).

By November 2, 2010


LG's Dual Play gets serious with split-screen gaming

LG announces it's bringing 3D technology to split-screen gaming enabling each player to only see one screen at a time.

By January 8, 2012


CNET UK Podcast 191: Should we remake classic video games?

It's been a big week for news, especially for Apple, which sold 600,000 iPhone 4s. We also talked about HP spamming your printer, a lovely Ferrari and we debated the merits of remaking classic video games

By June 18, 2010


The future of gaming: Six things that will change videogames

What's the future of videogames? In this video Luke lists six things that will change the world of gaming forever.

By February 15, 2012