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The 404 1,213: Where Sphere says no to 'Yes to the Dress' (podcast)

Sphere's Law of Recurring Subject Matter argues that, given enough time, all conversations with Steve Guttenberg will inevitably become audiocentric. As usual, The Audiophiliac brings a ransom list of talking points today, including Spotify robbing musicians, Benford's law, 'Say Yes to the Dress,' and a Monoprice controversy.

By February 22, 2013


Larry Lessig blasts prosecutor's defense in Swartz case

Internet scholar faults Justice Department prosecution "in part at least" for driving Aaron Swartz to his death.

By January 18, 2013


Labour social media 'guru' resigns over SNP Downfall parody

MP Tom Harris has quit as Labour's social media chief in Scotland after making a Downfall parody of SNP leader Alex Salmond.

By January 17, 2012


The 404 932: Where one size misfits all (podcast)

On today's 404 podcast, we'll chat about Anonymous threats to Fox News and Facebook, Unreal Tournament to cure lazy eye, Netflix's plummeting stock, and perverted TSA notes, and we welcome our newest intern, Jon Bon Jovi.

By October 25, 2011


Assault charge filed after texting spat in theater

A man who was texting in a Texas movie theater claims a woman behind him who complained hit him and grabbed him so hard he got whiplash. The woman says she just touched him with a finger.

By August 1, 2011


Clone Wars.

ZDNet's Jason Perlow responds.

By April 23, 2008