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Server wars: Open-source Java vs Weblogic and WebSphere

A new survey suggests that proprietary Java application servers are losing to open source in the cloud age.

By January 10, 2012


Does open source need consolidation?

Is open source unnecessarily reinventing too many wheels?

By August 26, 2008


Why doesn't Sun really respect Java?

As Sun pushes out more meaningless software, Java has become boring. So when-if ever-will Sun start doing right by its own best software invention?

By February 10, 2009


ObjectWeb plans major revamp

By January 6, 2006


Sun reveals its open-source ambitions

Open source is changing Sun dramatically...for the better.

By October 16, 2007


Sun's foes renew Java vows

By June 29, 2005


Sun CEO: Open source = free advertising

Open source is a great way to distribute one's products and earn goodwill, but does that mean it's a good business model?

By March 10, 2009


Sun restructures, lays off up to 6,000

Company will realign its software organization into new business groups with a focus on open source and new market sectors.

By November 14, 2008


With community, Oracle can reap what Sun sowed

The enterprise software powerhouse stands to gain much from its new assets, but it first needs to learn how to work with the open-source community.

By April 24, 2009


Excerpts from the Sun/MySQL press conference

Live blogging

By January 16, 2008