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Buzz Out Loud 1588: Loved the show (Podcast)

At 1,588, it's the final episode of Buzz Out Loud, the podcast that launched a thousand news stories, arguments, hosts and co-hosts, producers, and good times. We packed the studio full -- Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Jason Howell, Rafe Needleman, Donald Bell, plus, of course, Molly Wood, Brian Tong, and Stephen Beacham...and it's possible there was some Champagne, a little whiskey, some cake, and even a couple of news stories. Oh, and tears. Definitely tears.

By April 5, 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1548: Carol Bartz? Unprofessional? Say it ain't effin' so. (Podcast)

The Yahoo aftershocks continue as Carol Bartz gives an angry, expletive-filled interview to Fortune and employees give Jerry Yang an angry, expletive-filled earful at an all-hands meeting where Yahoo tries to explain what comes next. Also, Apple upholds its reputation as a silent impenetrable fortress that doesn't care much for your security, by failing to patch Safari against fraudulent Web certificates and not saying a dang thing about it.

By September 8, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1460: Twitter breaks the Osama Bin Laden news! (Podcast)

Twitter shines in another moment for citizen journalism and the internet. And then there's that guy who live-tweeted the whole raid, without knowing about it. Sony officially apologizes for the PSN outage and they're giving back to the users, but is it enough? And we "Like" what the BOL Menu is serving.

By May 2, 2011


The 404 Yuletide Mini-sode: Where that was actually pretty funny (podcast)

We've had a productive year on The 404, so before we hit 2011 we're glancing back at a few of our favorite movies from the show in 2010.

By December 31, 2010


The 404 721: Where we get black and blue with Steve Guttenberg (podcast)

CNET Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg joins us today to discuss the Back to the Future video game trailer, Steve's celebrity encounters, 3D surround sound, and more headphone advice for Wilson!

By December 3, 2010


Android Atlas Weekly 21: 5 Reasons To Wait for An Android Tablet (podcast)

Steve Jobs attacks, a pre-rooted phone, and 5 reasons to wait for an Android Tablet, All that and more coming up on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, October 21st, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse and guest host, Senior Associate Editor, Nicole Lee for all the Android news of the week.

By October 21, 2010


The 404 404: Where we've made it 403 more episodes than anyone thought we would

Against all odds and defying logic, The 404 has miraculously reached our 404th episode. As shameless self-promoters, we're not afraid to pat ourselves on the back, and we invite a whole cast of friends to help us!

By August 14, 2009


Ep. 142: What a Concept Episode

This week was FILLED with conceptual ideas that are sometimes pure genius, and sometimes pure WTH. Seriously, Pornisonic, we are talking to you! Natali Del Conte and Gknee join the party to make this extra long episode 80% female, 20% male. Has this ever happened at CNET before?!

By June 19, 2009


Gadgettes 142: What-a-concept episode

This week was FILLED with conceptual ideas that were sometimes pure genius, and sometimes pure WTH. Seriously, Pornisonic, we are talking to you! Natali Del Conte and Gknee join the party to make this extra-long episode 80 percent female, 20 percent male.

By June 19, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 1001: All your Face Page accounts are belong to us

Bozeman, Montana, has decided they need everyone's social network log-ins and passwords to conduct background checks on prospective employees. So cute. They call it Face Page.

By June 19, 2009