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A watch with a built-in slot machine

It even has a handle to pull

By Apr. 18, 2007


Aston Martin confirms limited-run V12 Zagato

After running two V12 Zagato models at the 24-hour Nurburgring endurance race, Aston Martin confirmed it will offer a limited-production run of 150 of the cars.

By Jul. 7, 2011


Where Thunderbolt is smart -- right now

Tired of waiting as videos and photos crawl from hard drives to computers to monitors? Thunderbolt gets the job done much faster.

By Jun. 14, 2012


Down periscope! Up periscope!

Gaggenau's VL 051 Telescopic Swivel Ventilation System can, with the turn of a knob, move up and down to vent smoke and fumes directly at the source.

By Jun. 6, 2008


Geek parent tip: Use Gmail as a baby book

My son's growth is now part of the Googleplex.

By May. 6, 2008


For sellers and buyers, a very app-y holiday

The holiday 2010 shopping season is marked by the move of most retailers, especially gadget sellers, to allow purchasing in their own mobile apps--giving deal seekers the upper hand.

By Nov. 24, 2010


Can Intel's Thunderbolt go mainstream with help from Apple and Acer?

Macs gave Intel's high-speed communications port a key foothold, and an Acer announcement today will help it tackle the Windows market. But pushing Thunderbolt beyond premium products is a challenge.

By Jun. 14, 2012


'Dungeons & Dragons' fourth edition, online tools just around corner

The brand-new D&D Insider will allow players to run campaigns with their friends across the Internet without having to own all the iconic books.

By Apr. 7, 2008