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Air Force's G-Force centrifuge spins its last

The U.S. Air Force is retiring its G-Force centrifuge after 22 years of spinning pilots around in order to prevent loss of consciousness caused by G-forces.

By November 4, 2010


Nvidia bumps up laptop graphics to GForce 9M series

Today at Computex, the computer trade show in Taiwan, Nvidia unveiled a new lineup of laptop GPUs, called the GeForce 9M Series.

By June 3, 2008


Cisco Web gear a class act

Cisco Systems is packaging its networking equipment to target the emerging market for education over the Web. Cisco on Wednesday announced partnerships with four companies--iXL, gForce, Ninth House and Saba--that offer "e-learning." Cisco is working with the education companies as well as service providers to offer businesses a way to offer classes to their employees over the Web. Cisco sells content delivery products that help businesses send video over a network and into their employees' desktop computers.

May 30, 2001