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Philips comes full circle with massive bet on lighting and health-tech

The 123-year-old Dutch company has ruthlessly cut ties with TV, audio, and the categories that have made it most famous. Can an ageing population put this venerable firm back on top?

By October 10, 2014


Who wants perfectly accurate sound?

Most headphone and speaker buyers prefer less, not more accurate-sounding products.

By August 25, 2012


Could Samsung Australia sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1N?

Samsung has amended its Galaxy Tab 10.1 design in Germany, following an injunction in a patent dispute with Apple, leading us to wonder whether the same could happen in Australia.

By November 20, 2011


Top-10 ultimate high-end speakers

Ultimate high-end speakers are conceived with the same zeal Ferrari and Lamborghini apply to their no-holds-barred sports cars.

By July 27, 2010


Three of the year's best full-size headphones

The Grado PS-1000, Sennheiser HD 800, and the Ultrasone Edition 8 full-size headphones all sound amazing. Which one is right for you?

By October 29, 2009


Major music exec admits to being an audiophile

The major record companies continue to produce more miserable sounding recordings. But Lyor Cohen, CEO of recorded music for the Warner Music Group, is an audiophile. It's like learning that a fast-food bigwig is a wine snob.

By September 21, 2009


Hands-on with Sennheiser PXC 450: Killer cans

Sennheiser's new PXC 450 noise-cancelling headphones are here with us and our first impression is they're terrific. Our initial hands-on demonstrated how effective the 'talk-through' feature is

By June 11, 2007