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Miss Georgia's custom heels flaunt 3D-printed flair

Shoes that look like a classic car? Georgia Tech industrial design students fashion a pair of high-tech shoes for their peer, Miss Georgia, inspired by the school's Ford mascot.

By September 15, 2014


Georgia Tech uses human arm sensors to make robots safer

A control system helps robots quickly adjust to subtle changes in the way their operators move, which could improve safety in manufacturing settings.

By January 16, 2014


Dear Heidi Klum, in Georgia they clear out their naked selfies most

With Heidi Klum exposing her backside on Twitter, app maker KS Mobile reveals exclusively which states clean their phones and which don't. In Wyoming, they just can't quit their naughty selfies.

By July 8, 2013


Charles Darwin gets thousands of votes in Georgia

There's a certain discernment to the voters of Georgia. They don't want some old politician all over again. Indeed, almost 4,000 voted for Charles Darwin. Yes, that Charles Darwin.

By November 9, 2012


Georgia Tech project arms consumers against restrictive ISPs

Researchers are developing a suite of tools for routers to help users track bandwidth performance and usage.

By August 4, 2011


2011 Chevrolet Caprice police patrol vehicles roll into Georgia and Iowa

Hundreds of 2011 Chevrolet Caprice police patrol vehicles will replace older vehicles in Georgia and Iowa.

By July 8, 2011


Reading, 'riting, recycling: Georgia Tech turns yellow school bus 'green'

Ford Motor Company Fund and the Georgia Institute of Technology are partnering to bring the conversion of a traditional school bus to a recycled biofuel-run, hydraulic hybrid.

By May 16, 2011


Report: Elderly woman takes down Net in Georgia, Armenia

It seems that one only has to accidentally hack through one cable in order to bring the Internet of two countries to a halt.

By April 7, 2011


Kids, not Russian government, attacking Georgia's Net, says researcher

Attacks on Georgia's Internet may be the work of "overexcited" youths and not Russian officials, according to the Zero Day Emergency Response Team's founder.

By August 13, 2008


Georgia biofuel plant open for business

Range Fuels, which uses a process that simultaneously produces ethanol and methanol from wood chips, says it's ready to sell biodiesel and ethanol for cars on a large scale.

By August 18, 2010