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​Why you shouldn't be scared by the 'largest data breach' ever

Experts say the reported heist of 1.2 billion account credentials is legit, but caution that for most people there's little they can do -- or should be worried about.

By August 7, 2014


Yes, Apple will approve Google Maps for iOS

What a much-discussed story in the Guardian misunderstands about developers -- and about Apple.

By November 5, 2012


Apple Maps outs secret military site, irks Taiwan

The island's defense ministry was reportedly a bit grumpy when it saw a photo of a secret radar base downloaded via an iPhone 5.

By October 9, 2012


The cloud cannot ignore geopolitics

There are many reasons to consider "location" and "borders" in cloud computing. Unfortunately, how governments perceive those concepts versus how networks do can be at odds.

By March 1, 2010


The 404 165: Where we don't discuss geopolitics

On today's show, it's all about guido fist pumps and geopolitics. Psyke! We actually talk about big foot news (down, but not out), more Spanish insensitivities, ugly ducklings, neuvo guido fashion, the Goslings vs. the Reynolds, and Wilson's disturbing ex

By August 18, 2008


With Iran crisis, Twitter's youth is over

The microblogging service's prominence during the election crisis in Iran raises the question of whether a 2-year-old, pre-revenue start-up is really up to the task as a geopolitical power player.

By June 18, 2009


Green news harvest: Credit crisis slams wind, solar

The freeze in financing and tax-based incentives is hitting renewable energy project developers and manufacturers hard. The U.K., meanwhile, makes the case for biogas.

By February 4, 2009


Green news harvest: Tidal power in the U.K., biogas in Germany

Audio of Al Gore's speech on energy and climate change; bacteria could produce hydrogen from food waste; EPA issues report on health risks from climate change; SunPower battered by solar policy uncertainty; and Kleiner Perkins' green tech bet.

By July 18, 2008