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Local.com taps geo-targeted video ads

Site that focuses on localized searches is bringing local video advertising to its Web pages.

By November 20, 2008


DoubleClick licenses geo-targeting tech

The Net advertising company licenses Digital Envoy's geography-targeting technology to better serve Web ads by surfers' physical location.

By March 22, 2004


NBA to stream live local games

The U.S. sports league plans to negotiate contracts for its member teams so they can stream live games to targeted local online audiences for the first time this fall, according to a report.

By August 18, 2008


Memo to Microsoft: Yahoo's A-list

The merger-minded software giant will likely want to keep Yahoo execs in a host of areas, including online ads, social media, and Web search. More layoffs for Yahoo?

By February 13, 2008


Study: Botnets boosting click fraud rates on ads

Report says click fraud rate is up due to increased use of botnets to automate the clicking on ads.

By July 18, 2007


Yahoo: Our ads are better

Search giant details new ad system designed to help marketers figure out what and when people plan to buy.

By May 17, 2006


NSA granted Net location-tracking patent

Government agency patents a way to learn the geographical location of Internet users. How will the technique be used?

By September 21, 2005


Hide and seek on the Web

Web site operators and corporations are playing game of I spy, you spy with covert cloaking trick.

By February 15, 2005


Google fires back at Digital Envoy

The search giant countersues its longtime technology partner, which claims that the search leader misappropriated its geo-targeting technology to deliver sponsored results.

By April 26, 2004


Company delivers targeted online ads

aQuantive, one of the Web's largest advertising companies, forms a new unit that profiles surfers and delivers ads tailored for them.

By April 26, 2004