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Target, banks push to improve Web-based payments

A new World Wide Web Consortium group tackles issues like authentication and digital wallets. The eventual result could be electronic payments not so dominated by particular companies.

By October 15, 2014


A Motorola lawsuit primer (infographic)

Google will acquire plenty of intellectual property with its planned acquisition of the handset maker. It also gets plenty more work for the legal department.

By August 16, 2011


Apple reportedly aims to shrink micro-SIM card

Apple is working with carriers and standards groups to create a smaller version of the SIM card that could lead to slimmer devices, according to a Reuters report.

By May 17, 2011


Who will profit from NFC, mobile payments?

Cell-phone makers, carriers, banks, and even Google have something to gain from you swapping out your wallet for your mobile phone.

By April 7, 2011


Robot babies

The State Department readies new Internet freedom policies, the FAA may lift the ban on cell phones during air travel, and Japanese researchers are working on robot babies.

By February 15, 2011


U.K. mobile-payment system due this summer

Barclaycard and two U.K. carriers set a launch date of early summer for a system to make wireless purchases with mobile phones.

By January 28, 2011


Cutting out carriers is tough, even for Apple

Carriers are a fact of using a cell phone. Can a special SIM card enable Apple to deploy complete control of the iPhone, as a recent report suggests?

By October 27, 2010


Embedded iPhone SIM card to let you hop networks?

Apple could be developing an integrated SIM card for the iPhone that would allow you to switch mobile networks using an app or iTunes.

By October 28, 2010


Android Atlas Weekly 22: Samsung Tab or iPad?

This week on Android Atlas Weekly, Android is sued again, a 3D Android Picture Frame and everything you ever wanted to know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, All that and more coming up on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, October 28st, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse along side guest host, Senior Editor, Donald Bell.

By October 29, 2010


Windows 7 security enhancements

As RSA 2009 kicks off, Microsoft begins education campaign about new security features of Windows 7.

By April 20, 2009